Kathryn’s Portfolio

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Over Kathryn’s twenty years journalistic career she has produced both front page news stories and extensive agenda-setting features for a wide variety of publications.  She has travelled extensively in the course of her work, covering the HIV crisis in Namibia and the sewer children of Mongolia to writing about sex tourism in the Caribbean and Gambia and traversing the US in the build up to the 2006 presidential elections.

Kathryn also regularly interviews well known celebrities, from One Direction to Cindy Crawford, and over the years has also covered a number of absorbing human interest stories, from a woman who made the harrowing decision to give back her adopted baby after just two weeks to the child genius who attended Oxford at thirteen and then seven years later was found working as a prostitute. Among her exclusives was an interview with Sion Jenkins, the man who was tried three times for the murder of his foster daughter Billie-Jo and gave his first ever newspaper interview to Kathryn, to an emotional talk with Rod Stewart’s daughter Sarah Streeter.  Here is just a selection of her extensive portfolio.